Why Silly Sex Is the Best Sex Ever

Some sexual habits make partners aggressive. For instance, an experience with hottest pornstars escorts can be more fulfilling with a dose of silly acts. In fact, sex should never be too serious from the beginning to the end. When you throw in some funny surprises as you have sex with your partner, you will give each other an opportunity to enjoy the moments. This leads to greater mutual satisfaction. Here are more reasons why silly sex is the best sex ever for most couples.

Increases Arousal

It is during sex that most people show their crazy shades. From the way they talk and act during play, you can tell a lot about their dark sides. It is this sort of surprise that makes the experience more sensational. For instance, your partner can spank your ass and say, ‘’babe you are up next.’’ Before you even respond, he gently holds your nipples and whispers into your ears, ‘’I mean you.’’

Just with that, you will both be kissing and rubbing your bodies against each other passionately. Most people, especially women, are easily aroused by simple dirty talks and light touches here and there.

Pulls Partners Closer to Each Other

Although some couples think that laughing when certain things go wrong during sex can drive them apart, it creates more intimacy. Laughing it off means it does not really bother you. This creates a sense of comfort. The more comfortable you are with each other during sex, the closer to each other you become. Instead of feeling awkward and making a big deal of episodes that would usually create discomfort, laugh them off and get back to the act. In fact, you might not even think of it after a heated sex.

Lightens Up the Mood

There are times when sex becomes an intense experience. This can leave your woman screaming in love and telling you to stop because it hurts. In such situations, throwing in a joke that makes her laugh can easily bring back the mood to let you continue riding. For example, you are riding her in doggy style in front of a mirror and as soon as she starts screaming, you wave at her. That can send her laughing and even spark an orgasm right away. Sometimes, you can pull out and lick her instead in the midst of her screams.

Great sex is not just about how energetic or romantic you are. It’s the little silly things that most couples often ignore that can make the difference between good and great sex. So, let loose and have fun with your man or woman.

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