What Could I Do For Making My Wife Satisfied with Sex?

Sex is very important in every marriage. Every partner in a marriage wants to enjoy sex without inhibitions. As a man, you want to satisfy your woman in every way including in bed. Thus, it can be quite frustrating if you can’t satisfy your wife in bed. That’s because sex is a marriage right that both partners should get without struggle. Unfortunately, some men struggle to satisfy their women in bed.

If unable to satisfy your wife in bed, here are useful tips to try out guided by erotic massage las vegas:

Have Sex in Different Positions

When having sex, it is important to know what sets your woman on fire. Making love in different positions is one of the best ways to discover what gets her juices flowing. If you have been having sex in one or two sex positions only, surprise her with a new twist. This will increase stimulation and make hitting the right spot easy. For the best results, acquaint yourself with the right moves for different styles. This will enable you to ensure ultimate satisfaction of your woman.

Go Down on Her

For both of you to enjoy a great sex experience, focus on the vagina. The vagina is a sensitive part of a woman’s body and working on it with your tongue will create an amazing sexual sensation and lead to a great intercourse and erotic massage. However, be sure that your woman is okay with it because some women don’t like being licked down there.

Stay on the Clitoris

Nothing sets a woman on fire like playing with her clitoris. While you are down on her, take time to touch and lick the clitoris. But, remember to act gently on it so that it does not feel like you are tearing it out of the vagina. Work on the clitoris with your tongue from different angles till she screams or asks you to penetrate her. If you do it right, she might even start dripping before you climb onto her.

Give her More

Even after trying different sex positions, getting down on her and working her clit, she might still not be satisfied. Instead of doing the same things over and over, introduce her to variety. One of the best ways to do this is by using sex toys and other unique sexual pleasures that you are sure she will love.

Women are different so you should try out different things with your partner. Nevertheless, these tips will bring significant improvements in your sexual experiences if you implement them right. Additionally, talk to your wife about what she loves to get the most from your sexual encounters.

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